Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doggy Diet

My last day of work was almost a week ago, so I've had an entire week to spend my time getting ready for the big move.  There are endless things that need to get out the condo, arrange to ship the car, book flights, find a storage facility, ship our personal items and the list goes on and on.  Of course, with this list comes all kinds of worries and concerns.  I mean are we really going to rely on the United States Postal Service to get our boxes delivered to an island?  Shipping aside, my biggest concern is my dog.

I have 2 dogs, actually.  I have a small Labradoodle and a much bigger Vizsla.  While I love them both dearly, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I favor the Vizsla, Oakley.  Oakley was mine before I moved in with my boyfriend, and I've had him since he was puppy almost 7 years ago.  What can I say?  I'm a total sucker for him, and I could probably write an entire blog on him alone since he is the quirkiest dog I've ever met.  Seriously, I won't be surprised if he gets bit by an iguana the first week we're on the island.   

My concern is with regard to the airline policy about flying dogs.  There are several rules and regulations that have to be followed, but the weight restriction could be a problem.  The airline's policy is that the crate and the dog cannot weigh over 100 lbs.  Unfortunately, my furry friend has struggled with his weight a bit over the past year.  The last time I weighed him, he had gone from a fit 65 lbs to a hefty 76 lbs, which made the vet think he had a thyroid problem.  I think he's slimmed down some since then, but the crate is probably at least 15 - 20 lbs.  I'm going to be cutting this very close.

So, Oakley is going on a doggy diet.  I'm cutting a whole cup of food out of his daily grub.  While I realize that this will only make his begging habit worse, it's better than being stuck at the airport trying to pay off a feisty and undeserving airline attendant so my rather thick dog can make it to my new home with me.  Otherwise, I may have to put Oakley on a kayak, point him in the right direction and hope he eventually makes it to St. Thomas.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Analyze is to Paralyze

Hello, fellow bloggers!  Let me welcome you to my first blog posting.

First, I should tell you what has inspired me to start blogging, which is my recent decision to up-root myself, by boyfriend and our two dogs from Chicago to St. Thomas USVI.  That's right.  We're leaving our big city life and trading it in for the island life.  Yes, I'm off to warm weather, beaches, sailing, hiking....paradise.  Next month we're looking forward to moving into our house in St. Thomas, not far from the beach. 

Of course, this decision wasn't made overnight.  I've spent years thinking about such a move and discussing all the pluses and minuses to making this type of an abrupt change in my life.  I've had a laundry list of worries and concerns about leaving my job, my condo, my friends, my family.  Afterall, I've spent 10 years building a life for myself in Chicago.  I love this town.   Then there's the worries about life down on the island, including hurricanes, wind storms, earthquakes, endless misquito bites, getting a new job, running out of water, having the electricity shut down at any given moment and whatever else I'm unaware of.  It's overwhelming. 

In fact, it's overwhelming enough that if I thought about this decision too much longer, I may never do it.  I may spend the rest of my life thinking about it, worrying about it and trying to figure out how to make it happen.  Ultimately, like so many things I tend to over analyze, I don't think I would have ever taken the plunge.   

Ah, so this brings us to the theme of this posting and this blog.  I found that the hardest part of this decision is simply making the decision, getting over the analysis so I can move forward with the rest of my life!  I've commited to making this move, and I will accept whatever this adventure brings my way.  So, stay tuned for the rest of all the challenges, frustrations, excitement and joy this next chapter in my life brings my way!