Monday, May 30, 2011

The Top 10 Dumbest Things I Packed for St. Thomas

After waiting about two weeks, I joyously got my car and all of my belongings last Thursday night.  As I took the time to unpack all of the boxes and bags of what were once seemingly precious items, I realized that when faced with the dreamlike reality of moving to a place with gorgeous and warm weather every day, I had reached a state of complete confusion.  Personally, I think this is understandable since for 10 years I lived in a climate where you must be heavily and somehow fashionably dressed from head to toe for at least half the year.  However, it didn’t take long for me to realize what is and isn’t important to have down here.  After only two and a half weeks living in St. Thomas, I now know that many of the belongings I had desperately and thoughtfully packed were completely ridiculous.
The following is a list of these silly possessions:
10) 1 blue plaid flannel shirt.  Did I mention it's 85 and sunny here everyday? 

9) 2 aprons. Both aprons have sentimental value, and I do love to cook, but I'm pretty sure that neither of my grandmas even wear aprons anymore.

8) 7 designer purses/bags.  After about 3 days here I learned that I needed to check my vanity at the door.  It's too hot and nobody is spending money on frivolous items down here.  I now carry a black canvas bag that seems much more reasonable. 
7) A pair of black leather Frye biker boots.  These are my favorite pair of boots.  I’m still convinced that once I acclimate to the warmth down here, I will wear these boots.  I also should state that, of all the items I packed in my car, including a stereo/surround sound system, Xbox and all of my clothes, I was most concerned that someone would steal these boots.
6) A pair of light pink patent leather Stewart Weitzman stiletto heels.  Frankly, I hardly wore these in Chicago.     
5) My royal blue Nike running wind-breaker/jacket that I’ve had since high school.  Clearly, I can’t part with this item. 
See ‘The Hill’ posting for further explanation as to why this is dumb if you don’t already know.
4) A full length, hooded, terry-cloth robe.  I take cold showers now, so that I don't continue to sweat after I've washed off.  Absolutely no need for this one.      
3) 8 Scarfs.  These scarfs range from sweater wraps to pashminas to ‘summer scarfs’ (a la Jennifer Aniston).
2) A ski jacket.  This is a two piece coat that includes a heavy fleece layer and a water-resistant shell.  This coat ranks a close second in warmth to my full-length down coat which is tucked away in storage where it belongs.
1) A fake bearskin/fur blanket.  I don’t need to further comment on this one.          
So, that's it folks.  I'm a changed woman, and I now see the error of my ways. 
I'd like to dedicate this posting to my beloved boyfriend, Kevin, who repeatedly told me that I was packing too much unnecessary stuff for St. Thomas everyday for two weeks prior to our move.  He also continues to point out each item that I shouldn't have brought.  Kevin is a proud contributor to this posting.    

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